BP Fuel Terminals; Over 20 US Locations

Designed new fire protection systems for existing fuel terminals including loading rack deluge systems, fire alarm systems, storage tank foam suppression systems, and fire pumps and water supplies for protection of ethanol and hydrocarbon fuels.

Petrobras Fire Protection Survey; 13 Cities in Brazil

Worked on large multi-firm project team to survey all (13) domestic oil refineries of Petrobras throughout Brazil in order to test and evaluate the level of protection of fire protection features including water supplies, fire pumps, fire mains, hydrant systems, deluge cooling systems, storage tank protection, process protection, gas detection system, and fire alarm systems. Performed GAP analysis, developed reports, and trained refinery personnel on best practices and specific recommendations or improvement to bring each facility to an equal or superior level of fire protection compared to international standards and best practices.

Butane Injection Projects; 8 US Locations

Performed fire safety analysis per NFPA 58 requirements for new butane LPG bulk storage and injection facilities at BP and Kinder Morgan fuel terminals throughout the US. Designed cooling water systems where appropriate.

Statoil South Riding Pont Fuel Terminal Fire/Gas System Installation; Grand Bahama, Bahamas

Designed sitewide networked fire alarm and gas detection system for the South Riding Point fuel terminal including protection for process areas, (10) crude oil storage tanks, offshore platform, administrative offices, and utility buildings.

Sea Islands Project; Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

Designed new foam/water fire suppression systems, remotely operated monitors, flame detection, fire pumps, interconnecting firemains, and clean agent systems for three critical offshore loading platforms off the coast of the Saudi ARAMCO refining and storage complex in Ras Tanura.


Cape Coral Bio-Solids Processing Facility; Tampa, FL

Reviewed design of municipal wastewater sludge processing facility in Hillsborough County for conformance with all building and fire codes. Identified problems and worked with construction firm (MWH) to solve design problems and improve their approach for future facilities.

Saint Johns River Power Park IT&M Audit; Jacksonville; FL

Surveyed existing 1,200 MegaWatt coal-powered generating facility for their maintenance activities on all fire protection systems and for general compliance with applicable Factory Mutual requirements and NFPA standards. Performed GAP analysis and provided detailed recommendations on methods of improving to meet best practices in the industry.

Las Palmas Coal-Fired Generating Station Expansion in Guatemala

Designed site wide fire main including water storage tank and fire pump for Duke Energy facility. Also specified and located fire hydrants and monitors for the site, as well as determined design criteria for water based fire suppression systems in all major buildings and coal handling facilities on site.

Technical Painting of Jacksonville; Jacksonville, FL

Performed code analysis of existing factory that powder coats and paints wheel rims. Provided reasonable cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of industrial fire protection issues for the facility including flammable powder handling issues, fire alarm safety interlocks, passive fire protection features, flammable vapor ventilation, and sprinkler protection issues.

Agri-Source Fuels LLC; Dade City, FL

Designed all fire protection systems including sprinkler, fire alarm, passive protection, and smoke control for conversion of 63,000 sqft orange juice plant to largest volume biodiesel production plant in the US (as of 8/1/07) – 120 million gallons/year.


Nassau County Supervisor of Elections Computer Room in Yulee FL

Designed new double interlock preaction sprinkler system and cross zoned smoke detection fire alarm system to protect sensitive electronics in new computer room.

Carver Center ; Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Detail designed new fire sprinkler system for new community center.

JEA Fire Alarm Study and Specification Development in Jacksonville, FL

Performed study of current available fire alarm compared to facility needs of JEA and provided recommended short list of manufacturers and equipment types for JEA to use to maintain a competitive bidding environment for each project while keeping a minimum of different types of equipment to maintain. Prepared a company-wide master fire alarm specification to be used for each new project.

JFRD Fire Stations 21, 24, 35, 57, and 58; Jacksonville, FL

Prepared fire protection design and permit documents for new fire sprinkler systems in each of these recently built Jacksonville fire stations as well as construction administration and final system inspection.

Duval County Courthouse Smoke Control; Jacksonville, FL

Acted as 3rd party inspection firm responsible for reviewing design of smoke control systems in new 8 story 800,000 square foot courthouse.


Football Fanatics; Jacksonville, FL

Performed life safety plan, equivalent design based on a timed egress study, fire sprinkler design criteria, and a smoke venting design as part of a large project to upgrade an existing 600,000 square foot warehouse into a new storage and manufacturing facility for a rapidly growing local firm.

Post Office; Pensacola, FL

Surveyed existing fire sprinkler system in 80,000 sqft sorting facility in Pensacola and performed hydraulic calculations to determine if modifications would be required due to addition of new backflow preventer.

Apex Office Buildings; Jacksonville, FL

Created fire alarm engineering construction documents and shop drawings for fabrication for three existing buildings being converted to offices.

Repair Resource; Debary, FL

Surveyed and conducted fire protection audit of new 18,000 square foot cellular phone refurbishment facility, including the paint booth operations within. Provided detailed recommendations to bring the facility into compliance with current best practices and code requirements, while working closely with the local authority on behalf of the client.

BAE Systems (formerly Armor Holdings); Jacksonville, FL

Designed new sprinkler system for 200,000 square foot manufacturing and storage facility of military armor and law enforcement supplies.


Duval County Public Schools; Jacksonville, FL

Prepared detailed fire sprinkler design drawings and egress studies for multiple Duval County Public Schools. Design drawings included layouts, specifications, and hydraulic calculations as well as code reviews to determine if hose cabinets were required.

Mandarin Middle School; Jacksonville, FL

Analyzed existing stage fire protection systems, which were proving costly and troublesome, due to repeated deluge water curtain trips because of false alarms. Established equivalent protection scheme that allowed the school to remove the deluge system and protect the stage with passive protection measures, the existing wet-pipe system, and the fire alarm system.

Lee and Forrest High Schools; Jacksonville, FL

Detail designed new fire sprinkler systems currently being added to two (2) 160,000 ft2 local high schools – one (1) of which is a historical building (Lee High School).

Wolfson High School; Jacksonville, FL

Designed new fire sprinkler system for 160,000 square foot existing historical school.

Foundation Academy; Jacksonville, FL

Designed fire alarm system and passive fire protection features and created life safety plan for new 40,000 square foot single-story private school.


Eye Treatment Center and Ambulatory Surgery Center Addition in Bay Pines, FL

Provided 3rd party life safety review for 60,000 sqft expansion of Bay Pines VA Hospital.

Shands Hospital Office Upfit in Gainesville, FL

Prepared shop drawings and stocklists of sprinkler system for reconfiguration of existing space in hospital meeting AHCA requirements.

Riverside Spinal Clinic; Jacksonville, FL

Detail designed fire sprinkler system for new 16,000 sqft surgery center.

Gainesville VA ICU Expansion; Gainesville, FL

Designed fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems for 12,000 square foot 2nd floor ICU expansion.

Atlanta VA Expansion; Atlanta, GA

Designed fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems for new 5 story atrium infill project to add new laboratory and office space in existing VA hospital.


Baptist Towers Condominium; Jacksonville, FL

Surveyed existing fire alarm system in existing 12-story senior living high-rise apartment building and designed replacement system that would bring the fire alarm system fully up to code.

Value Place Hotel; Gainesville, FL

Worked closely with owners, local contractors, and authorities having jurisdiction to correct deficiencies with fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems in continuously occupied 4-story extended stay hotel.

Ritz Carlton; Grand Cayman Island

Designed sitewide fire main and standpipe system for 11 new luxury condominium oceanfront buildings fed from a single fire pump system and 100,000 gallon underground cistern.

Dunes Club Villas; Amelia Island, FL

Assisted homeowner association in repairing four 7-story oceanfront condominium buildings and in resolving legal issues related to the original construction defects. Worked closely with owners, local contractors, and local authorities to implement the most cost-effective reasonable repairs to bring the buildings back into compliance and to remove chronic nuisance fire alarm system failures. Assisted homeowners and their counsel in working with the original fire sprinkler contractor to repair systems voluntarily and avoiding legal action.

Beach and Yacht Club; Perdido Key, FL

Assisted homeowner association in repairing two 12-story oceanfront condominium buildings and in resolving legal issues related to the original construction defects. Worked closely with owners, local contractors, and local authorities to implement the most cost-effective reasonable repairs to bring the buildings back into compliance and to remove chronic nuisance fire alarm system failures.


Engineering Services Facility; Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL

Designed fire alarm, mass notification, and fire sprinkler systems for new 41,000 square foot office building.

Camp Blanding SIMS Center; Clay County, FL

Designed fire sprinkler system addition to 20,000 square foot single story historical building. Building used for battle simulation training, classrooms, storage, and a barber shop.

AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command) ; Eglin AFB, FL

Performed life safety code review and designed new sprinkler system to bring 120,000 sqft existing Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) center into compliance. Detail designed fire sprinkler system for retrofit of 3-story 120,000 sqft special operations command headquarters building. Also evaluated all life safety aspects of the building and made recommendations for modifications. During design, was able to get approval for use of CPVC piping in retrofit of sprinkler system resulting in an estimated savings of $300k in materials and labor. Overall estimated cost of sprinkler addition alone is $1,425,000. Other life safety modifications including fire alarm upgrade, addition of rated barriers, door hardware additions, etc. to be approximately $1,000,000.

Eastern Processing Facility; Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL

Reviewed fire protection design drawings and specifications to ensure that basis of design requirements were satisfied for new 350 foot tall spacecraft fueling and payload loading complex at CCAFS. Acted as fire protection lead in commissioning and acceptance testing efforts of all fire protection systems in the complex including hi-expansion foam systems, floor grate deluge systems, wet-pipe sprinkler systems, double-interlock preaction sprinkler systems, fire pumps, clean agent systems, and the fire alarm and control systems.

Aircraft Hanger Fire Protection Upgrade; Misawa AFB in Misawa, Japan

Designed fire pump facility, underground fire main system, fire alarm systems and double-interlock preaction foam/water fire sprinkler systems for (5) hardened fighter-jet aircraft hangers overseas. Developed commissioning and acceptance test procedures and oversaw final acceptance testing.