Facility Emergency Response Plans

Emergency Response Plans are important to industrial facilities and are key in providing the instruction for an adequate response during a fire incident. Emergency Response Plans provide information related to incidents including:

  • Thermal radiation (heat impingement) contours
  • Immediate actions required
  • Incident command actions
  • Offensive operations including fire suppression strategies
  • Exposure protection and cooling water details
  • Foam calculations where required/used

A properly prepared and adequate emergency response plan can make all the difference when it comes to providing an effective response from first responders or onsite fire brigades. The information shown in the emergency response plan can be used to identify proper staging areas and equipment necessary for incident control or suppression within a specific area. In addition, emergency response plans are used as a guide for frequent practice and training to specific emergency response scenarios.

Many of our engineers have not only the engineering experience to identify the specific requirements necessary for response to specific fires but have also completed industrial fire brigade training with TEEX. This specialized training provides our engineers with a first hand perspective of incident response, allowing our team to create emergency response plans that not only meet prescriptive requirements, but also better account for real-world first responder strategies and tactics.