Fire Risk Assessments

Neptune Fire Protection Engineering LLC offers risk management consulting services including the development and completion of Fire Risk Assessments (FRA), where required by an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) or for use as a design basis. Fire risk assessments are typically used to validate performance-based solutions, studies, code equivalencies, and regulatory compliance evaluations. Fire risk assessments and analyses should always be completed by experienced professionals with a documented background in the subject matter. Our professional engineering and fire protection consulting staff have the educational knowledge and years of experience required to prepare and conduct a valid fire risk assessment for any facility type.

Fire Risk Assessment Applications

Fire Risk Assessments are tools used to further evaluate or focus on particular aspects of a design such as mitigation, process safety, and/or confirmation of adequate protection from a fire protection system. Risk assessments can be conducted using qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative methods. The process of a fire risk assessment includes characterization of the risk associated with a specific fire or explosion scenario, likelihood, and numerical magnitude of potential consequences. Each FRA is developed for, and unique to, the specific fire scenario; however, FRAs typically include details on the following:

  • Fire scenario to be evaluated
  • Fire risk likelihood, frequency, and probability
  • Potential hazards including damage or harm to people, property, environment, etc.
  • The method, process, or technique used to complete the evaluation
  • Modeling or simulation of the event to quantify consequence

The results of an FRA are used to confirm adequacy of fire protection systems, define acceptable levels of risk, and provide more detailed information for the development of fire risk management procedures. These results are often provided in a report format along with modeling and/or calculations that validate the results.