Investigational Inspection and Testing Services

Neptune provides investigational inspection and testing services for clients experiencing failures or repeated activations and trouble alarms for their existing systems. The inspection and testing services provided by Neptune are not to be confused with code required inspection, testing and maintenance services which are to be provided by licensed contractors.

When a system is experiencing constant troubles, alarms, or activations, there is often an underlying problem such as faulty or damaged equipment and sometimes the fault lies in the original system design or installation. Our engineering staff have performed many inspection and testing visits to evaluate existing systems to determine the cause of alarms or failures. Some of the more typical causes of such incidents have been found to include:

  • Repeated fire alarm system activations from non-weatherproof exterior devices leading to water intrusion and corrosion causing system trouble signals
  • Nuisance flame detector activation due to inadequate detector positioning allowing the sun to enter the field of view and cause a false activation
  • Repeated leaks in fire sprinkler systems due to microbially induced corrosion (MIC) or other corrosive issues
  • Leaks from damaged dry-pipe system piping due to inadequate pipe slope allowing water to pool and corrode piping internally

In addition to these more common causes, we have identified other less frequent discrepancies and defects in existing client systems. The goal of each inspection and testing visit is to determine the underlying cause of incidents and provide the optimal solution. Simple causes can sometimes be fixed during the inspection and testing, while others require system modification or replacement.