Life Safety and Egress Analysis

Both new and existing buildings require a life safety and egress plan meeting the requirements set forth by applicable building codes. Existing buildings often require updated life safety and egress plans when undergoing a floor plan renovation, change of occupancy, or, in the instance of warehouses, updated plans are required when installing or revising rack storage.

Code Analysis

Life safety analysis and code analysis is completed in accordance with applicable building codes and includes a review of the following items and building conditions:

  • Occupancy type
  • Hazardous materials (if present)
  • Building features such as:
    • Height
    • Number of stories
    • Area per floor
    • Construction type
    • Finishes
  • Fire protection systems present / planned
  • Occupant loads
  • Egress and exiting options and features including:
    • Number of exits
    • Doorway, stairwell, and corridor widths
    • Dead ends
    • Common path of travel

Egress and Exiting Design

In addition to the code analysis, life safety and egress plans are prepared to visually indicate common paths of travel, dead ends, all exits, emergency exit lighting and signage, as well as identification of any specific requirements due to the building occupancy type, stored materials, or security features such as panic hardware. Our staff have prepared life safety and egress plans for warehouses, commercial facilities, warehouses, congested outdoor industrial facilities, and many other buildings and areas requiring adequate egress verification.