Owners’ Representation Services

The staff at Neptune Fire Protection Engineering believe in providing comprehensive project services including acting as a liaison between the client and other parties involved in the project. Specifically, this relates to correspondence between the client and Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We have found that it is important to maintain a transparent and upfront approach to large scale and/or performance based design projects to ensure that all parties are agreeable to and comfortable with the proposed approach to fire protection.

Procurement Assistance and Negotiation Services

Beyond design and engineering services, Neptune also provides procurement assistance services for our clients. This often includes preparation of a written Request for Proposal (RFP) based on the prepared design, review of contractor bids, and recommendation on the selection of the best comprehensive bid. Providing design documents along with the RFP generates more accurate and comparable contractor bids for the installation services provided by contractors. Upon receipt of the bids, we can provide bid evaluation services to verify that the bids provide equivalent services and offer input to the client regarding value and pricing.