Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department

When searching for a Fire Protection Engineer, there is a desire to find a professional with the characteristics of initiative, dedication and integrity. However, more and more often these qualities are hard to find in the competitive market place. Steve Kowkabany does not only exemplify these qualities but so many more. I have found Steve to be focused in providing the best level of fire protection while keeping the financial aspects of a project in mind. Steve excels at not compromising either safety or budget, along the path of finding a workable solution to Life Safety and Fire Protection. It is always a pleasure to work with this outstanding professional on various projects in our jurisdiction.

– Captain Bob Ratliff

Milton J Wood Fire Protection Inc.

We first started dealing with Steve at Neptune Fire Protection on several large fire protection projects for the Oil Industry. From early on in those projects, it was obvious that Steve possessed a solid knowledge of the Codes, and even more importantly, a supreme ability to utilize his common sense approach in finding a simple solution for complex and often contradicting technical and legislative requirements. Steve possesses both personal and technical skills to find that middle ground, while establishing a clear path forward for everyone involved. It is often in this industry that people shy away from responsibility, and do their very best to shift as much of it as possible to others. Steve is exactly the opposite of that. Once his decision is made, Steve firmly stands behind it, and I am confident in stating that the decision he reached is the very best for everyone involved.

– Zarko Ognjenovic

Blue Flame Fire Protection

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation that could potentially be included on your new website. It is rare that I have the occasion (& more importantly the inclination) to “sing the praises” of a fellow industry professional.

Having had numerous opportunities to work with you over the last several years, I can honestly say that I have found your enthusiasm, integrity and breadth of knowledge unparalleled among the Professional Engineers I have encountered. I particularly appreciate your commitment to assisting the local AHJs with code enforcement issues and to educating the public at large to the benefits of fire sprinkler system installations. The thorough and professional manner in which you have conducted your business in the past will surely secure your status as the FPE to consult on fire protection engineering matters in the future.

– Tucker Evans